An Evening of Education

“Drive-in” style experience : Sit in your vehicle.

Watch on the BIG screen. Listen on your radio or outdoor speakers!

“Drive-in” style experience :

Sit in your vehicle.

Watch on the BIG screen.

Listen on your radio or outdoor speakers!

Featuring 3 live, in-person presentations plus, view the documentary, Angst , followed by expert panel discussion.


TARGET AUDIENCE: Healthcare and Behavioral Health professionals, Educators, Law Enforcement, Clergy, and Anyone with an interest in the topic. 

CONTINUING ED: All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance for 4 clock hours. This educational event is designed to meet continuing ed requirements for nurses, social workers, educators and other professions. Each attendee is responsible for determining whether the activity meets the requirement for acceptable continuing education.

REGISTRATION FEE: $25 per attendee. Registration is transferable. No refund unless the event is cancelled. 

ONLINE REGISTRATION: Begins August 3rd at 10am. Return here to register. 


REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Friday, September 4th or until sold out. Register early as our previous (We Walk 4 Life) conferences have SOLD OUT well before deadline. 

CONTACT INFORMATION: Tammy Diehn (507) 381-4082 or

COVID SAFETY: We will be following MDH guidance for parking lot events. Currently, it is recommended that all participants complete a pre-entrance screening questionnaire, stay inside their own vehicle, wear mask and social distance when outside the vehicle. Carpooling is not recommended unless coming from the same household. Additionally, a signed waiver releasing liability is required to attend.

Program Schedule

6:30 PM Gates open

7:00 PM Applying Psychological First Aid during COVID-19 to Support Yourself and Others 

8:00 PM Angst Documentary Film followed by Panel Discussion via Skype

9:00 PM Intermission

9:30 PM Trauma Transformed Through Art and Narrative

10:30PM Closing Keynote: Dr. Michael Maddaus, MD 

(No worries, snacks, soda & coffee will be available!)

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the psycho-social impact of COVID-19 on healthcare workers and community support workers.
  • Realize how the key principles of psychological first aid can assist you in supporting yourself and others during COVID-19.
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of personal stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue and how to initiate strategies to reduce stress, improve performance, and assist peers.
  • Learn about resources and tools to assist you in helping others and in taking care of yourself.
  • Experience the film-based education program that opens up the conversation about anxiety and mental health.
  • Identify and understand the symptoms of anxiety and encourage individuals exhibiting symptoms to reach out for help.
  • Gain foundational knowledge about anxiety, its causes and effects, offer in the moment tips, and talk about effective treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
  • Learn about therapeutic effects of art/narrative on grieving.
  • Understand how visual art/narrative helped a family regain its balance after the trauma of losing their loved one to suicide. 
  • Recognize the ups and downs of how life changes after the suicide of a family member, offering an example of how one family experienced it and moved forward with their lives.
  • Understand the concept of a personal operating system means.
  • Learn the difference is between the brains Here and Now reward chemicals and its Anticipation/Future reward chemicals.

Applying Psychological First Aid during COVID-19 to Support Yourself and Others 

During an uncommon or overwhelming situation people often need a caring person to listen and to assist them. Assisting an individual during a difficult and stressful situation can provide hope, and support resilience building. Psychological First Aid (PFA) is a global evidence-based intervention for addressing stress related to a disaster, crisis, or public health emergency. It is a set of skills, much like physical first aid, that helps disaster responders and community support workers care for their clients, co-workers, families, friends and neighbors. During COVID-19 helping professionals and essential workers are dealing with higher levels of COVID-19 related stress, and it is critical for their health that they effectively manage this increased stress level. PFA will add to the skills you already possess in effectively reducing your stress during a major incident such as COVID-19. To learn more, visit: 

PRESENTER: Nancy Carlson is the COVID-19 response Disaster Behavioral Health Lead for the Minnesota Department of Health. She has been the MDH Behavioral Health Program Coordinator in the Center for Emergency Preparedness and Response since 2003. She has over 30 years of experience in crisis and disaster behavioral health at the community, county, and state level. Nancy is a Certified Compassion Fatigue Therapist and Compassion Fatigue Educator. She has a BS in clinical psychology from Mankato State University, an MPhil in Human and Social Services specializing in Disaster, Crisis, and Intervention from Walden University.

Documentary, Angst: Raising Awareness Around Anxiety

Angst is a documentary film featuring candid interviews with children, parents, educators and experts who discuss anxiety and its impacts. The film also includes a special interview with Michael Phelps, mental health advocate and Olympic Gold Medalist. Angst documents struggles some people have with anxiety. It also reveals a message of hope that anxiety is treatable. Following the viewing, an informative panel discussion is led by experts in the children’s mental health field via Skype. To learn more, visit:

PANELIST: Scilla Andreen (Pronounced Sheila) is the CEO and Co-Founder of IndieFlix and the founder of the IndieFlix Foundation. She is the Producer and Director of the new documentary, LIKE, the Executive Producer/Producer of Angst and Angst series, “It Gets Better” and Co-Producer and Co-Executive Producer of Screenagers, as well as an Emmy nominated Costume Designer and Award-Winning Producer of such films as Bit Players, Outpatient and The Empowerment Project. Scilla is a popular speaker at Sundance, Cannes, CES, SXSW, Women in Film, and other major industry events. Scilla co-founded IndieFlix which has become one of the most meaningful global screening and a subscription streaming services that produces and distributes social impact films and series to create positive change in the world. Scilla is on a mission to change the world with film. For more information, visit:

PANEL DISCUSSION EXPERT: Jerry Bubrick, Clinical Psychologist and expert in Angst, is the senior director of the Anxiety Disorders Center and director of the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Service at the Child Mind Institute. He is a cognitive and behavioral psychologist who specializes in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Widely recognized for developing one of the world’s most intensive pediatric programs for OCD, he is a pioneer in using cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to treat children and teens with OCD and related anxiety disorders.

PhD, Clinical and School Psychology, Hofstra University

MA, Psychology, Hofstra University

BA, Psychology, Boston University

Trauma Transformed Through Art and Narrative

Rebecca and Aidan Anderson will share their experiences working with artist Laurie Phillips and collaborating on the 5-book art/narrative series Suicide Survivors’ ClubA Family’s Journey Through the Death of Their Loved One– an integrated approach for healing using art and storytelling. The books represent the individual stories of a mother, Becky, and her 3 children Pattie, Aidan and Will after the suicide death of their husband/father – each with their own story to tell. The fifth book, Parenting the Suicide Survivors’ Club, is a memoir written by Rebecca that gives context to the individual stories and offers the perspective of the surviving parent. Participants will also be introduced to the 2-hour professional workshop that grew out of the 5- book set. Art Therapist Lauren Belisle will give a brief overview of additional art/narrative tools created by SSC that include, the Story Portrait™ workshop for suicide loss survivors and the guide/workbook titled Healing After a Suicide Loss – All ages workbook + Activity Guide. The hands on workshop will be available online or in person for additional CEUs at a later date. To learn more about SSC, visit:

PRESENTERS: Rebecca Anderson & Aidan Anderson

PRESENTER: Rebecca Anderson is the co-founder of Suicide Survivors’ Club (SSC), a public speaker and the author of Parenting the Suicide Survivors’ Club, one of 5 books in the set titled Suicide Survivors’ Club – A Family’s Journey Through the Death of Their Loved One. The book set was awarded a first-place Midwest Book Award by the Midwest Independent Publishers Association (2017). Rebecca is also a mother and a medical professional with a BS in Public Health/Sociology, LPN, and LCSW. She lost her husband, Don, an artist, to suicide in 2002. In memory of Don, and as part of her healing process, she produced an art book entitled Intimate Immensities (2008) highlighting his sculptural works. Her primary job and focus after her husband’s death was healing her family – seeking out practitioners and therapy methods for herself and her three children. Since co-founding SSC, LLC in 2015, she has presented locally and nationally to various audiences on the subject of healing after the trauma of losing a loved one to suicide and using art and narrative as a way to talk about this difficult subject matter. Audiences include suicide loss survivors, mental health professionals, nursing students, medical professionals, and community organizations. Rebecca is proud of how SSC has grown and continues to grow — mending hearts and restoring the lives of suicide loss survivors through the power of art and storytelling. SSC has developed more integrative tools to offer suicide loss survivors and mental health professionals that include: a professional workshop Healing Trauma Through Art and Narrative, the Story Portrait™ Workshop for Suicide Loss Survivors, and a workbook that compliments the book set titled Healing After a Suicide Loss – All Ages Workbook + Activity Guide.

PRESENTER: Aidan Anderson is a suicide loss survivor and public speaker. He has a certificate from NAMI Minnesota’s Connect Survivor Voices Curriculum. The book Aidan in the Suicide Survivors’ Club book set represents his story as a teen looking back on his life after his dad died by suicide in 2002. Since high school, Aidan worked for two years in sales at a family-owned pet store. He attended Augsburg College in 2016 with his sights on music business degree and has since taken a break from school to work full-time in the food industry. He enjoys speaking at SSC presentations and workshops and believes that his voice as a suicide loss survivor can offer hope to others. Aidan has a passion for music, comic books, and learning. He remains close to his family and loves life with his wife, and best friend Shannon.

Closing Keynote: Your Personal Operating System Determines the Quality of Your Mind

Each of us has a personal operating system filled with habits borne from the influence of our childhood, careers, and other life experiences. Sometimes our personal operating system serves us well, and sometimes not. By practicing critical habits that enhance the quality of our minds, we can take control of our very own personal operating system, and slowly but surely start to thrive.

PRESENTER: Michael Maddaus, MD


From 24 arrests as a juvenile to a successful career as an academic thoracic surgeon, and into the painful depths of prescription drug addiction, Michael has navigated life’s twists and turns with #resilience like few people you’ll ever meet. Michael captivates audiences with his unapologetic lessons on how to build a Resilience Bank Account by practicing eight daily habits that lead to optimal physical, mental, and emotional performance. For more information, visit

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